Where is the Best Location to Place a Submersible Pond Pump

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Choosing the best position to put a submersible pond pump needs a bit of consideration if you don’t want to have problems further down the line.

All the water in your pond needs to be pumped through your filtration system to keep the water clean and clear, so placing your submersible pond pump is not a case of dropping it into your pond and hoping for the best.

The positioning of your pond pump needs a bit of thought to get the maximum amount of water to flow throughout your pond.

If you position your pump directly under or very close to your waterfall or filter outlet the only water that the pump will send to your filter system is going to be from this small area of your pond.

This would result in the majority of your pond water not being filtered, if this happens it could cause problems in some areas of your otherwise healthy pond and could cause the water to become stagnant.

The best place to locate a submersible pond pump is as far away from the waterfall or filter outlet as possible to maintain a constant flow of water throughout the pond.

The best position for a submersible pump is usually at the bottom and deepest part of your pond but this can also give you problems.

Placing your pump in the deepest part of your pond is the best way to remove debris from the bottom of your pond and sending it to the filter, but this can also cause blockages if there is a lot of sludge to cope with, so raising the pump slightly off the bottom using something like a brick can help, you could buy a purpose made pond pump stand but it’s a lot cheaper to use a brick.

When winter comes along you should raise the pump up of the bottom and place it on a shelf, this is to protect your fish.

In the winter your fish will stay at the bottom of your pond in the warmer water but if you leave your pump on the bottom of your pond the warm water will be pumped out and replaced with colder water which could kill your fish.

Another consideration is pump maintenance, you need to place your pump where you are able to lift it out of the water.

Modern pumps are very low maintenance but giving the strainer cage and impeller a bit of a clean every now and then is recommended for optimal performance.

When lifting a pump never use the electrical cable to pull it out as this could be dangerous, use the hose or you could tie some cord or rope to the pump before placing it in the water which will aid in lifting the pump out.

One more thought on pump positioning is loss of water through a broken or dislodged hose or a waterfall that has sprung a leak, if this happens a pump that is sitting on the bottom of your pond will quickly empty it.

If your pump is raised slightly your fish may have a fighting chance of survival if there is some water still left at the bottom of your pond.

If you haven’t bought a pump yet and you need too buy one we have an article on the best submersible pumps to buy.