When should you start Planting Plants in your Garden Pond

You’ve just built a new pond, but you’re not sure when to start adding plants.

In this article we will be looking at the best time to plant your plants and some tips on how to do it, even if you have an established pond you might find this article helpful.

The best time to start planting pond plants is in the spring/early summer when the water is warmer, but plants can be planted anytime during the growing season and beyond.

The earlier in the season you plant them the quicker they will become established and to be honest spring is a nice time of year to be messing about in the garden.

You are not restricted to spring and summer for planting, you can plant plants in the autumn and winter, they would stay dormant until spring comes round though, as the weather warms up they will start growing.


It’s very important you use the right compost when planting plants in your pond, you need an aquatic compost, this type of compost will slowly release nutrients stopping your pond turning green.

Planting baskets

There are special aquatic baskets for planting pond plants, they have lattice sides to allow free movement of oxygen and water.

You can use them for planting marginal plants around the edge of the pond where the water is shallow and for deep water plants where the basket is submerged in the depths of your pond.

When you buy pond plants they often come ready planted in aquatic baskets which can be placed straight into your pond, but if you want to have a basket with a few different plants you can repot them into one large basket.

You can also repot your plants into larger baskets if you think the plant is pot bound.

When you pot your plants into their basket you will also need to add a couple of centimetres of gravel of to the top of the basket, this will stop the compost from floating away when it’s submerged.

Adding some heavy stones to the bottom of the basket before planting will help keep the basket in place, especially good for deep water baskets.

Floating pond plants don’t need potting up, just place them on the surface of the water.

One last thing we would like to bring to attention if using aquatic baskets for plants is Koi, they have a tendency to rummage around and often uproot your plants, you can buy Koi resistant plant pots and mesh nets to help solve this problem.

Koi also have a tendency to eat plants, so if you have or are going to have Koi in your pond look for plants that they don’t find tasty.

If all else fails you can protect your marginal plants with a rock barrier, the aim is to separate your plants from your Koi.