What’s the Best Submersible Pond Pump for your Garden Pond

A pond pump powers your filtration system, your water features and the water flow in your garden pond, so choosing the right pump should be top of your list.

In this article we are going to be looking at submersible pond pumps, getting the right pump for your pond is crucial, choose the right one and you can look forward to a long term healthy pond.

To find out what submersible pumps are available we took a look on bradshawsdirect.co.uk’s website, below is a selection of the pumps we found.

PondKraft Eco Filter Pumps

pondkraft eco submersible pond pump

We found the PondKraft Eco range of pumps for sale from Bradshaws Direct, the range consist of 9 different sized pumps, so there should be one suitable for your pond.

pondkraft pump comparison chart

These PondKraft eco pump are set to become one of the best-selling pumps that Bradshaws sells.

Being eco they are cheap to run and will run 24/7 365 days a year which is exactly what you need from a submersible pump, and they’re maintenance free.

They can run your filter system or a water feature such as a waterfall plus they are quite in operation.

The cage around the pump stops large particles of waste being drawn in to the pump, the pump can take up to 6mm in diameter solids, so anything 6mm smaller will be dealt with by the pump without the problem of blocking it.

You can connect hoses from 25mm to 50mm onto the outlet, just remember to cut the tail down to the right size.

You get a 3 year guarantee with the pump for piece of mind.

To find out more about the PondKraft Eco range of pumps and get the latest price’s visit bradshawsdirect.co.uk

You can also find a selection of PondKraft Eco pumps on amazon.co.uk

Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pump

Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pump

The Hozelock Aquaforce submersible pond pump has 7 different sizes in its range, they go from the smallest 1000 to the largest 15000.

Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pump comparison chart

A very popular pump with pond keepers because of the wide range of sizes available.

This pump has 70% lower running costs and will happily run 24/7 365 days a year.

The non-clog cage that fits around the pump is hinged for east maintenance and it comes with an inner filter to protect tadpoles and baby fish.

The outer cage allows solids up to 6mm/10mm (depending on model) to pass through the pump, the inner clip-in fine mesh filter reduces the hole size to 2mm but can be removed if not needed.

On the larger models, 6000 and above you have a second inlet that gives you the option of adding a skimmer or satellite filter, this is a good option if you have a dead area in your pond.

They can be used to run your filter system or just a waterfall or watercourse.

The pump can power waterfalls up to 5.7 metres high, and they have a flow adjuster to control the flow of water.

Hose size you can use ranges from 25mm-40mm using the stepped outlet, just cut it to size.

You can choose to have a free 5 metre length of hose with clips (25mm hose for 1000 and 2500 models and 40mm for larger models).

Comes with a 3 year guarantee.

For the latest price and more information about the range of Hozelock Aquaforce pond pump’s visit bradshawsdirect.co.uk

You can also find a selection of Hozelock pumps on Amazon.co.uk

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Filter Pump

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Filter Pump

The Oase Aquamax Eco has 7 Premium Filter Pumps to choose from ranging from the smallest 4000 to the largest 20000.

Oase Aquamax Eco pump comparison chart

These submersible pond pumps from Oase offer 25% lower running cost than the Aquamax Eco which itself was very economical to run.

The cage has a new design that allows up to 11mm solids to pass through for better filtration and the surface area has increased by 5%.

There’s a secondary inlet that allows you to use a skimmer or satellite filter, ideal if you have a dead zone in your pond. There’s a flow adjuster with 4 settings to draw different amounts of water from each area.

There is a seasonal flow switch on the 12000 and 16000, turning it on will allow it to adapt to its environment, in cooler months the flow is reduced to 50%, this stops too much water coming in to contact with the cold winter air, plus it can reduce the running cost by up to 30%.

You can choose your outlet size from 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm, just cut the tail to the size you need.

Offers frost protection up to -20°C so it’s safe to use in the coldest of British winters.

Up to 5 year guarantee.

For more information on the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium and the latest price’s visit bradshawdirect.co.uk

You can also find a good selection of Oase Aquamax Premium pumps on amazon.co.uk

Oase Aquamax Eco Twin Pond Pump

Oase Aquamax Eco Twin Pond Pump

If you are looking to move large quantaties of water the Oase Aquamax Eco Twin Pond Pump is the one to go for, only 2 in the range, the 20000 and 30000.

As the name suggests this powerful pump has two separate motors, each one can be turned on and off individually.

They can also be dimmed using a wireless remote control, so now you can turn down your waterfall or water feature during the night keeping the noise down and you can save money.

The flow rate of your filter system can also be increased or decreased at a touch of a button making life so much easier.

It has a large strainer basket that allows 11mm solids to pass through to the filter system.

There is a second inlet that allows you to use a surface skimmer or a satellite filter if you have a dead zone in your pond.

The Oase AquaMax Eco Twin 30000 Pond Pump has a flow rate of 27000 lph and a max head of 5.2m.

The Oase AquaMax Eco Twin 20000 Pond Pump has a flow rate of 20000 lph and a max head of 4.5m.

Frost protection: to -20°C

Both come with 10 metres of cable and up to 5 years guarantee.

You can get more information about the Oase Aquamax Eco Twin Pond Pump’s and the latest price’s from bradshawsdirect.co.uk

There’s also a good selection of Oase Aquamax Eco pumps on amazon.co.uk

So what’s the best submersible pond filter pump

One of the main considerations when buying a pump is budget, we have shown you 4 different range’s of pumps from budget to top end, if you have a budget, find a pump that suits you needs in that price range, if money is no object choose the best pump that suits your needs.

The Pondkraft Eco filter pump is the cheapest of the ones we have reviewed in this article but still gives a good range of sizes to fit your pond. You don’t get any free hose with this one. A good budget option.

The Hozelock Aquarforce pond pump is again a good quality pump with a good range of sizes, plus they claim to be 70% more efficient which will save you money on your electricity bill. You also get a 5 meter length of hose for free. A good selection of pump’s at reasonable prices.

The Oase Aquarmax Eco filter pump is a good quality pump, they have a good range of sizes so you can purchase the one most suited to your pond. You do get a 5 meter length of hose thrown in for free. A quality pump from a brand leader, but they do come at a price.

Another one from Oase, only two in the range, but they are designed for a larger pond. If you are looking for total control of the flow of water to your filter or waterfall this will do it for you. This is the most expensive filter pump in this article but could be what you are looking for.

When buying a filter pump you need to get it right, this is the heart of your pond so if you get it right at the start, your pond will have a healthy well balanced ecosystem for years to come and your fish will thank you for it.

Not sure what size pump you need…we have an article that will help you here.