What’s the Best Solar Powered Fountain for your Garden Pond

If you’re looking to add a fountain to your garden pond you have two choices, you can have a mains powered fountain or you can go for a solar powered fountain.

In this article we will look at solar fountains and the best ones to buy.

Solar power is a very green source of energy, it takes the sun and turns it into electricity.

Solar power is free and environmentally friendly.

They work by drawing the power of sunlight using solar panels, the photovoltaic cells in the panel converts the sun’s energy into electricity.

The panels can be separate from the fountain with a cable to connect the two together, or integrated into the fountain itself.

Separate panels can be placed around your pond, along as they are in direct sunlight your fountain will work, fountains with integrated panels are placed into your pond so try and place it where it gets most sun.

Some fountains have a battery back up which stores power to keep your fountain running when there isn’t much sun or when the sun goes down, some have no battery so only work properly when the sun is out.

The best thing about solar fountains, especially the ones with integrated panels is you take it out of the box, place it in the water and you’re done, instant fountain.

The drawbacks with using a solar fountain are you need sun for them to work, they are not as powerful as a mains powered fountain and floating fountains will float around your pond if not tied down to keep them in place.

Coquimbo Solar Fountain Pump

Lets start with this solar fountain from Coquimbo, it comes with 6 different spray nozzles.

It’s 6v with a Li-ion 300mAh rechargeable battery.

The 12 solar panels produce 1w.

Maximum height of the fountain ranges from 30-50cm.

The fountain measures 13cm in diameter and 1.4cm thick.

It’s cheap to buy and for the price it’s not bad, but it does need full sun to get the best out of it.

You can buy it from Amazon.co.uk

OKMEE Solar Water Fountain

This solar fountain from OKMEE comes with a 4-in-1 nozzle which you rotate to get 3 different spray patterns, you can remove it for a spurting pattern.

The 14 solar panels cover the majority of the panel and produce 2.2w.

The maximum height of the fountain ranges from 20cm on cloudy days up to 70cm on sunny days.

There’s also a water volume control valve to control the spray height.

The diameter is 16cm and it comes with a couple of suction cups and wire to fix it in place.

A bit more expensive than the Coquimbo above but it has more power.

You can buy this one from Amazon.co.uk

AISTIN Solar Fountain Pump

This solar fountain from AISTIN has 6 nozzles to produce the different spray patterns.

The 12 solar panels fill the top of the floating panel and produce an impressive 3.5w.

It comes with a 1500mAh backup battery to keep your fountain running longer even when there isn’t any sun.

It measures 18cm in diameter and has an auto power off when taken out of the water.

A lot more power but it is more expensive than the two above.

You can buy it from Amazon.co.uk

AISITIN LED Solar Fountain

This is the latest solar fountain from AISITIN, it comes with 7 nozzles for the spray patterns and LED lights that light up at night.

The 14 solar panels produce 3w of power and it comes with a 900mAh backup battery. 

There are 6 LED lights that cycle through different colours, a full charge will last for 2-3 hours of lighting.

You should get a fountain up to 60cm on sunny days but it will drop down to 30cm on cloudy days.

It’s not as powerful as the AISITIN 3.5W and the backup battery is smaller, but it does have the lighting.

You can purchase it from Amazon.co.uk

AISITIN Solar water fountain

Another solar fountain from AISITIN, but this one comes with a separate solar panel.

The fountain has 6 different nozzles for different spray patterns and it comes with a separate float to keep it on the surface of the water.

The solar panel produces 5.5w of power and comes with a 1500mAh backup battery that will power the fountain when there is no sun.

It comes with a 2.9 metre cable to connect the panel to the fountain.

The solar panel measures 17.5cm x 27.5cm, just place it full sun for maximum performance.

A bit more expensive, but it has more power.

You can buy this one from Amazon.co.uk

So which is the best solar fountain to buy

If you want a fountain with a separate panel we would recommend the AISITIN, if you prefer your fountain to have an integrated solar panel we would go with the AISITIN LED fountain, we like the idea of the fountain being lit at night.