What’s the Best All-In-One Pond Pump for Small Garden Ponds

An all-in-one pump contains a pump, filter and UVC in a single compact unit making them a good choice for a small garden pond.

If you have a small pond with fish, you will more than likely need a pump and filter set up to keep the water clear and healthy, normally that would be a separate pump, UVC and external filter, so it’s worth having a look at the all in one pond pump to see if they would suitable for your size of pond.

A compact submersible all in one pump not only consists of a pump but will also contain mechanical filtration to remove the waste from the pond, biological filters to remove the harmful toxins and a UVC (ultraviolet clarifier) to remove single cell algae that will cause your pond to turn green.

It sounds like the perfect solution to keeping your pond looking good, but they do have their limitations which is why we would only recommend them for small ponds.

The limitations are down to the size of the unit, not so much the pump but the amount of filter media they hold, don’t get me wrong they do work but only on a small scale.

When choosing an all in one pump/filter you need to look at the water capacity that the manufacturer claims the pump will work best with.

These are always the maximum that they work at, but in reality you can usually half that amount.

The reason for this is that the manufacturers show how much water it would work with if the conditions were perfect and there were no fish.

Add fish into the equation and straight away the amount of water the filter can cope with is reduced, often by half, the more fish that are in your pond, the more waste they produce and the more the filters will struggle to keep up.

The type of fish, the amount of fish and the size of fish all have a big impact on how well your filter is going to cope.

You can then add in other factors, such as the position of the pond, if it’s in full sun then it can reduce its efficiency of the filters even more, plants also play their part, lots of plants will help but no plants will also have an effect on the efficiency.

It’s not just the overall size of the pond that you have to take into account, but how deep or shallow it is, our advice is to always go for a pump/filter that’s rated at least double the size of your pond to take into account all the different factors.

If you have a pond size of 3,000ltrs go for a pump/filter that claims to be suitable for 6,000ltrs or larger.

Because the filters are small you might find yourself doing more maintenance to keep the filters clean, this can be daily if your pond is really dirty but as the pond clears this can go up to every couple of weeks or even monthly depending on the size of the filter and the amount of fish in the pond.

The plus points of using an all in one pump is the ease of installation, there is only one electric cable to plug in and that’s it, just place the submersible pump under the water and turn it on.

When installed its completely hidden under the water, no filter boxes on show and no water hoses emerging from the pond (unless you have one running to a waterfall or water feature) just one electric cable.

Running an all-in-one should be much cheaper to run than running a dedicated pump and filter system.

Blagdon inpond all-in-one range of pump/filter.

There are four different versions of the Blagdon inpond all in one pump/filter, 5 in 1 2000, 5 in 1 3000, 5 in 1 6000 and the 6 in 1 9000.

The smallest of the Blagdon range is the 5 in 1 2000, everything you need is in this compact unit.

This unit is has a maximum pond size of 2000ltrs with a flow rate of 650ltrs per hour, a 10w pump and a 5w UVC.

There is separate pump and filter unit that simply screws together to make one complete unit.

Inside the filter unit is 1 course of foam mechanical filtration to remove the large particles of waste, a polymer wool cartridge to catch tiny dirt particles and ceramic bio media to grow good bacteria that remove harmful toxins in the water.

The UVC is also housed inside the filter unit but is accessed from the outside so you dont have to open the unit to change the lamp, just a twist on the connector and the UVC can be removed, the lamps need to be changed every 9-12 months, spring is the best time change the lamp. The UVC has its own power supply.

On the pump you will find the fountain outlet, included is a ball joint so you can adjust the fountain pipe to get it perfectly vertical even if the floor of your pond is uneven.

There are 8 fountain extension pipes to suit any depth of water, a flow valve for adjusting the flow rate of the fountain and 3 fountainheads including a bell head that can also be adjusted for size and shape.

We like the added LED spotlight that is also fitted to the pump, it can be angled using an adjustable ball joint.

For maintenance, you unlock the lid using two turn-buckles at either end of the filter unit, take out the filters and give them a wash in water taken from your pond.

The polymer wool cartridge needs to be replaced if its blocked. The bio media can be swilled to remove dead bacteria but don’t wash as this will remove the good bacteria.

The impeller is accessed by removing the pump from the filter unit, then remove the filter connecting pipe and pull the impeller out.

Both the pump and the UVC have 10 metres of cable.

The Blagdon inpond 5 in 1 3000 is the next size up in their range, but there’s a lot of differences to the 2000.

The first thing you notice is the carrying handle, this also acts as a locking mechanism for the filter unit, in the upright position and to one side it’s locked, to open the filter unit push the handle to the open position as indicated on the handle.

The maximum pond size goes up to 3000ltrs with a flow rate of 700ltrs per hour.

The 10w pump now comes with a transformer and the 5W UVC comes with an inline ballast to start the lamp, both are safe for outside use but shouldn’t be submerged in water.

The LED spotlight now has a sensor so it automatically comes on when it gets dark, the sensor can be overridden if you want to, so it comes on all the time.

The fountain now comes with an adjustable telescopic pipe and an extension pipe to get the right height rather than eight extension pipes.

There’s also a valve/divert control to control the height of the fountain or to direct the water from the fountain to a water feature such as a spitter.

There are now 2 layers of mechanical foam filtration, a course one for large waste ans a medium one for smaller waste and some extra ceramic bio media.

Next up in their range is the Blagdon inpond 5 in 1 6000, this is very similar to the 5 in 1 3000 but with the following differences.

The maximum pond size is now 6000ltrs with a flow rate of 1500ltrs per hour.

The pump has increased to 25.5w and the UVC is now 9w.

The foam filters have got thicker and larger due to the size of the filter unit and the amount ceramic bio media has increased.

You now have a dedicated t piece so you can run a fountain and a water feature like a spitter at the same time.

You also get extra fountainheads for different effects, including a triple jet and tulip jet.

The biggest in the range is the Blagdon 6 in 1 9000, very similar to the 6000 but with added advantages.

The maximum pond size is up to 9000ltrs with the flow rate now 3000ltrs per hour.

The has increased to 49.5w but the UVC remains at 9w.

The biggest change is you can now run a waterfall as well as the fountain or you can choose to run the fountain only or the waterfall only.

Below is a performance chart for Blagdon inpond all in one pumps.

You can check out the range of Blagdon inpond pumps and find the latest prices at Amazon.co.uk.

Hozelock easyclear all-in-one pump/filter range.

There are 5 Hozelock easyclear all-in-one pump/filters in its range, they consist of the 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500 and 9000,

The numbers are related to the size of pond they are suitable for, so an easycare 3000 would be for ponds up to 3000ltrs and a 9000 for a pond up to 9000ltrs.

Out of the box they are almost full assembled with just a few things to attach before using.

The basic kit provides the pump, foam filters to take care of the mechanical filtration, bio media for biological filtration, a UVC, 3 types of fountainhead with extension pipes and ten metres of cable.

The larger pumps have more filtration, an outlet for a waterfall or water feature and a flow switch to adjust the flow of the fountain.

All pumps have a fountain attachment, when you remove the pump from the box the fountain isn’t fitted so that’s the first thing you need to do.

They come with 4 extension pipes that you connect to the top of the pump, use the amount you need for the depth of the pond.

The angle of these pipes can be adjusted, so if the bottom of your pond isn’t level the fountain pipes can be adjusted to allow the fountain to be perfectly vertical as it comes out of the water.

You have 3 heads to choose from, 2 fountainheads , one with holes for a 2 tier fountain and one with holes for a 3 tier fountain. You also have a separate connector for a bell/dome effect.

On the larger models there is the option of running a 25mm pipe to a waterfall or water feature.

Once all the relevant connections are made it’s ready to be placed into the pond and turned on.

As the size of the pump goes up so does the wattage that is needed to run them, the UVC also goes up in wattage.

Different sizes offer different performance as you can see in the chart below.

Maintenance is easy, unplug from the mains socket and take the pump out of the water, unclip the filter cover, give that a good clean.

Next up is the foam mechanical filter, for the smaller pumps there is one for the larger pumps, easycare 7500 and over there are two, give these a wash in water that has been taken from the pond, never use tap water as this has hard metals and chlorine in it.

You will find a bags of gravel below the filter(s), 2 bags in the larger models, this is nothing to do with filtration, they are there to add ballast to stop the pump from toppling over, these can be given a good swill.

Below the gravel is another foam filter that needs cleaning, below that filter is the bio media, one bag in the smaller models and two bags in the larger models, give these a quick swill in the pond water, then replace everything as it came out.

The UVC is on the back of the unit and should be changed every 9-12 months, just undo a screw, twist and the cover comes off, next take off the quartz cover and then pull out the old lamp and replace with a new one.

Spares are easy to get hold of, so you can replace the filters, bio media and UVC if and when.

You can view the full range of Hozelock easyclear pumps and spares plus get the latest prices from Amazon.co.uk.

All Pond Solutions CUP range of all-in-one pumps.

There are two distinctive shapes within the All Pond Solution CUP range, these are the CUP-305 and the CUP-311.

The CUP-305 is the smallest of the two, it comes with a course filter for mechanical filtration, bio media consisting of ceramic and K1 media for biological filtration plus a 5w UVC which has an on/off light indicator on top of unit.

It’s maximum pond size is 2000ltrs and has a pump power of 1000ltrs per hour.

You gain access to the inside by unclipping the clips either side of the unit, once inside it’s easy to access the filter media for cleaning and for replacing the UVC or impeller.

First is the mechanical course foam filter which removes the waste, this can be taken out and washed with water taken from your pond.

Underneath the foam filter there are two compartments, one holding the ceramic media and the other holding the K1 media, both are used to grow good bacteria for the removal of the harmful toxins present in the water.

Alongside the bio media compartment is the pump and the UVC which are easily accessed for maintenance.

The UVC should be replaced every 9-12 months and the impeller will need replacing if it breaks, there is a spare impeller that comes with the unit.

On top of the unit is the outlet, you screw in a tee piece that has two outlets, one is for the fountain the other is for a water feature, both have adjustable flow rates.

The water fountain fits on top of the tee, it’s adjustable to suit the depth of the pond and comes with 3 different heads, the water fountain has an angle adjustment to compensate for an uneven pond.

Pump power is 19w, it comes with 10 metres of cable and a 2-year warranty.

The CUP-311 is the big brother, maximum pond size increases to 4000ltrs and pump power goes up to 2500ltrs an hour.

You get the same filter media, but as the unit is larger the amount of media increases, the course foam mechanical filter is bigger and the bio media now has three separate boxes, 2 with ceramic stones and one with K1, the UVC also increases to 11w.

There’s four clips to undo on the CUP-311 to access the inside compared to the two on the CUP-305. Cleaning and maintenance is the same.

Pump power goes up to 57w but the fountain and accessories are more or less the same.

The other all in one pumps from the All Pond Solutions range are the CUP-129 and the CUP-359 which as you can see looks completely different.

The smallest of the two is the CUP-129, It’s maximum pond size is 1000ltrs with a pump power of 1000ltrs an hour.

The water enters the cylindrical end of the unit and passes through the course mechanical filter that wraps around the UVC, there is a small amount of maifan stones for biological filtration at the end of the unit.

The water exits through a finer filter into a fountain, water feature or just back into your pond depending on what fittings are used.

The flow rate can be adjusted by turning a knob on the end of the unit.

There’s a two-way outlet that fits on the top of the unit which can alternate between fountain or water feature by turning flow knobs, one of the outlets can be capped of if you just want to run a fountain, doing this might produce a stronger fountain.

The fountain pipe is extendable to suit the depth of pond and comes with four heads for different fountain effects.

The impeller can easily be cleaner or replaced, to access it just pull of the impeller housing on the end of the pump, twist and remove the impeller cap, you now have access to the impeller.

A spare impeller is included.

To clean the course mechanical filter remove the rear casing, remove the filter and clean in water taken from the pond.

With the casing and filter removed you can get to the UVC if you need to replace it.

The UVC power is 9w, it comes with 10 metres of cable and a 1-year warranty.

The CUP-359 is a bigger version of the CUP-129 but only slightly more expensive.

The maximum pond size goes up to 2000ltrs with the pump power also going up to 2000ltrs an hour.

Apart from the overall length of the unit increasing by 30mm everything else seems to be the same, even the 9w UVC.

You can check out the All Pond Solutions all in one CUP-305 and CUP-311 and the CUP-129 and CUP-359 pumps at Amazon.co.uk.

So which is the best all in one pump for a small garden pond.

If budget is not a problem we would go with the Blagdon inpond 6 in 1 9000, it has plenty of filtration plus the added benefit of being able to run a waterfall if you have one, we also like the LED spotlight, the carrying handle and ease of maintenance.

You can never over filtrate a pond but you can under filtrate a pond, so if your budget won’t stretch to the 9000 get the best filter/pump you can afford even if it is a bit of an overkill for the size of pond you have.

If you have a very small pond with just a few fish the budget range from All Pond Solutions are worth a look.