What is the Difference between a Pond Pump and a Pond Filter

A pond pump and a pond filter are two different pieces of equipment, but they are escentual if you want to keep your garden pond clean, clear and free from harmful chemicals, especially if you intend to keep fish.

The difference between the pond pump and the pond filter and how they work is one circulates the pond water and one filters and cleans the dirty pond water, they have their own job to do, but combine them together and you have the perfect setup for your garden pond.

Pond pump

The pond pump is the backbone of any garden pond or water feature, it’s job is to move water, without this movement of water a pond would soon become stagnant.

There are two types of pump that you can use, a submersible pump that sits inside the pond and an external pump that is located outside of the garden pond.

As we have said the pond pumps main job is pumping water, this can be to a water feature such as a fountain, stream or waterfall, but where it works best is in conjunction with a filter system.

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Pond filter

The pond filter is an essential part of any garden pond if you want to keep fish, without a pond filter the fish could not survive.

The filters job is to keep the pond clean, this is not just about keeping the water clear, it also involves keeping the water free from harmful toxins.

There are two types of filter available, gravity feed filters and pressure filters, they are both housed outside the pond.

There are at least two parts to a pond filter, but usually three, the first part is mechanical filtration, this is where it takes out all the dirt and large particles from the water.

The second part is the biological filtration, this takes out all the toxins within the water and the third part uses a UV light to kill single cell algae that causes your pond to go green.

Once the pond water has passed through the filter system the clean water is returned back into the garden pond, this can be through a waterfall or straight into the pond.

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Please note: the pond filter can not work on its own, it needs the pond pump to pump water through it, without the pump the filter will not work.

On the other hand the pump doesn’t need the filter to work, it can be used on its own to run a water feature or just used to keep movement in the pond.

All in one pond pump

There is an exception, the all in one pond pump, this has the pump and filter combined in one easy to use unit.

It’s submersible so sits on the bottom of your pond, the only problem with this system is it’s size, its only suitable for small ponds or ponds without fish.

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