What do you do with Pond Fish you don’t want anymore

There comes a time when you have unwanted fish in your pond, there are many reasons why, but what do you do with them.

In this article we will show you the right way to to deal with unwanted fish.

Firstly lets go through some scenarios where you get to the point that your are considering getting rid of unwanted fish.

Overstocked: this could be through fish reproducing or introducing to many fish in the first place.

If you overstock your pond you will have problems with water quality, especially if your filter system is not up to scratch, you could build a bigger and better filter system to accommodate the extra fish.

Giving up the hobby: maybe you have come to the conclusion you dont want to keep fish any more, this could be because of the cost associated with the hobby, or the amount of time you have to spend on the upkeep.

It’s a shame if you have to give up your fishpond, but you could keep the pond without fish, this would be cheaper to run and a lot less time and effort to keep it going.

Moving home: this can be very upsetting if you have to leave a pond that you have spent lots off time on over the years, not to mention the fish that you have cared for.

With a little luck the new owner will take on the pond and your fish, but if not you will need to do what’s best for the fish.

Aggressive fish: this is an awkward one, it’s very unlikely you would be able to rehome an aggressive fish.

Not many pond owners would want to adopt aggressive fish in case they attack their own fish, but it’s worth asking around and who knows it could be happy and less aggressive in a new pond.

How to deal with unwanted fish

If you have too many fish in your pond there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of fish, remember you have a legal duty of care as a fish owner.

Pet shop: the first thing you can try is the pet shop you bought the fish from, it doesn’t have to be the same fish you bought, but if you reach out to them they might take your unwanted fish of your hands.

The shop owner doesn’t have to take fish back and if they did they would probably have to put them into quarantine which might be difficult for them.

The amount of fish and the size of fish might put of the shop owner as well, but you won’t know unless you ask.

Friends and family: have you got any friends or family with a garden pond, if so ask if they would like to have some of your fish.

This way you would know the fish are going to be looked after and you still get to see them from time to time.

Advertise: you could try to advertise them, there are plenty of free sites you can use.

You can offer them for free or you could try and sell them to make a bit of money.

Moving: if you are moving to a new home that you want to build another pond in you could ask the person that bought your old home to look after your fish until you are ready to take them to the new pond.

Just ask them for a bit of time while you build the new pond, if this is not possible you could build a temporary holding pond in your new house to keep your fish safe until the pond is built.

Euthanasia: if you have tried every avenue and still need to get rid of your fish you could euthanise your fish, this is a last resort, it’s not something we recommend it, but if you have to do it please do it humanly.

What not to do with unwanted pond fish

Never release your fish into someone else’s pond unless you have the owners consent

Never flush a fish down the toilet.

Never release your fish into the wild.