Pond Vacuums: How do they work and do you need one

Pond vacuum

Just like your normal household vacuum cleaner a pond vacuum is used to remove dirt and muck, it’s just a pond vac does it in your pond rather than in your carpets, but how do they work and do you need one.

Do you need a pond vacuum?

If you own a pond its essential to keep it in good condition, this will help your fish stay healthy and give them the right environment to live in.

One of the jobs you will need to do is clean the bottom of your pond, this is were muck and sludge can build up over time, if it’s not cleaned out this will affect the water quality which may harm your fish.

Doing it manually consists of using a net and your hands, it’s time-consuming and it’s dirty work, you end up with your arms up to your elbow in water trying to scoop out all the muck, not very nice.

A pond vac on the other hand is perfect for sucking out all that muck and sludge that sits at the bottom of your pond, they save you loads of time compared to doing it manually and it’s a lot less messy.

You decide, do you want a long messy job or a clean and quick job, if you’re like me the pond vac wins hands down.

How do pond vacuums work?

Pond vacs work just like a vacuum cleaner you would use in your home, they use suction to suck everything up, the only difference with a pond vac is it does it in water.

Most of the pond vacuum’s can be operated from the side of your pond, they usually have flexible hose that connects to the inlet of the vac and a selection of extension tubes that you clip together to extend the reach right in to your pond.

If you can’t reach all of the pond from one spot you just move the vac to a better position.

They usually come with a selection of tools that connect on to the extension tubes for different applications.

Pond vacuum’s work by sucking up all the debris such as leaves and fish waste along with the muck and sludge from within your pond, it also means they also suck up the water from your pond, the water plus the waste enter the machine through the inlet and exit’s through the outlet usually on the back of the machine.

There’s a flexible discharge pipe that connects to the outlet of the vacuum for the water to exit, the water that exits with all the waste can be directed onto your garden plants or straight down a drain.

Some pond vacuums come with a string bag that you place over the end of the discharge pipe to catch the debris, that means all the waste stays in the bag and just water comes out, you can then discharge the water back in to the pond if you want to.

That’s it, a simple solution to cleaning your pond.

There are many pond vacuums on the market and not all of them operate in the same way but the principles are the same, they suck out all the muck and debris from your pond without you getting to messy which in my book is a good thing.

So the answer to do you need a pond vac is no, you can do it by hand, the question is do you want one.

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