Pond Foam Treatments

NT Labs Anti-Foam

This foamclear anti-foam treatment from NT Labs comes in three sizes, 250ml which will treat up to 4,500 litres, 500ml which will treat up to 9,000 litres and 1000ml for ponds up to 18,000 litres.

It’s an anti-foaming treatment that breaks down surface foam and improves gas exchange between air and water.

It helps to maintain the PH level in your pond and is harmless to your fish and plants.

Will not affect the beneficial bacteria in your pond.

Use the provided measure to apply the correct dosage to the affected area, the foam should clear within minutes .

You can buy NT Labs Anti-Foam from Amazon.co.uk

Hydra Aqua De-Foam

This de-foamer from Hydra Aqua will instantly remove accumulated foam on the surface of your pond.

Available in 5 sizes, 250ml for up to 15,000 litres, 500ml for up to 30,000 litres 1Ltr for ponds up to 60,000 litres, 2 x 1Ltr for up to 120,000 litres and 5Ltrs for ponds up to 300,000 litres.

Just add the dosage for your pond, 1ml treats 60 litres, add it to the bottom of your waterfall or were there is enough agitation to mix the Aqua de-foam into the water and the foam will be disapear almost immediately.

It’s made from food grade materials which is harmless to all pond life and filters.

You can buy Hydra Aqua De-Foam from Amazon.co.uk