Pellet Fish Food for Pond Fish

Pond fish pellets are bigger and denser than fish flakes and fish sticks, they are ideal for medium to large fish.

Pellets offer your fish the healthy balanced diet they need, they often contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as being high in protein.

They are available in different size pellets to suit your fishes needs, if your not sure what size to use go for the smaller size, small fish cannot eat large pellets, but large fish can eat small pellets.

Available as floating and sinking pellets, we would advise using floating pellets, you can monitor how your fish are eating and you can remove any excess pellets not eaten with a pond net.

Sinking pellets are ideal for bottom feeders, but if they are not eaten can add nutrients into your ponds water which could impact on the water quality so feed sparingly.

Tetra Pond Pellets Mini

This is a 4 litre bag of mini pond food pellets from Tetra, they also do a smaller 1 litre bag, the bags are resealable.

These are floating pellets and are around 2-4mm in size, perfect for smaller fish.

These little pellets contain everything a small fish needs for a healthy balanced diet, they also include a Bioactive formula for a healthy immune system.

Feed 2-3 times a day but only as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes to avoid over feeding.

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Extra Select Pond Pellets

These pond pellets from extra selects come in a resealable airtight 5 litre tub, you can also buy it in a 10 kg bag. 

They are floating pellets and are around 4-5mm in size, great for medium fish.

A complete food for all types of pond fish.

Feed 2-3 times a day in summer and once a day in spring and autumn.

A highly digestible and balanced formulation which gives your fish the healthy diet they require.

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Webbox Complete Rainbow Mixed Pond Pellets Fish Food

This large bag of pellets from Webbox contains 10kgs of pellets, and seeing the pellets are light thats an awful lot of food.

They are floating pellets and are around 6-8mm in size, ideal for large fish.

Perfect for freshwater pond fish including Koi Carp, Goldfish and other ornamental fish.

Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes, based on your water temperature, pond condition and the activity level of your fish.

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Nishikoi Staple Complete Food

This is a premium quality pellet food from Nishikoi, it’s available in small medium and large pellets and 7 different pack sizes.

The small pellets sre 3-4mm, good for small fish, medium pellets are 5-6mm good for medium fish and large pellets 7-8mm great for larger fish.

It’s a floating pellet and is suitable for all Koi and pond fish.

Nishikoi pellets are specially developed by leading fish nutritionists to meet the specific needs of all types of Koi and pond fish, with vitamins A, C, D and E to maintain a healthy immune system.

Feed 3-4 times a day and only offer what your fish will eat in five minutes.

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Nishikoi Sinking Pellets

These sinking food pellets from Nishikoi are perfect for bottom feeders such as sturgeon and sterlet.

It’s a premium quality multi-vitamin pellet thats high in protein.

A complete and balanced formula with vitamins A, C, D and E for maintaining the immune system and all vital functions, and natural colour enhancers to show your fish at their very best!

This is the 1710g jar of small pellets but you can buy a 760g jar, they are also available in medium and large pellets.

Feed 3-4 times a day.

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