Do you Need to Run your Pond Pump in the Winter

Should I turn my pond pump off for winter? this is a question that gets asked a lot as the winter draws nearer. Leaving your pond pump running over winter depends on the type of pond you have and the climate you live in. If you live in a region that only freezes on rare … Read more

Prepare your Pond Plants for Winter.

Autumn has arrived and the growing season is slowly winding down but there is plenty for the water gardener to get on with. As the weather turns colder your pond plants will need to be overwintered if you want to keep them alive through the winter months and ready to spring into life the following … Read more

What you should do if your Garden Pond Freezes over.

You wake up in the morning, open your curtains and you notice your garden pond has frozen over, so what do you do. If your pond is ornamental with no fish you can relax,  stay indoors were its nice and warm as you don’t have to do anything to your pond unless you feel the … Read more

How do Pond Fish Survive Winter.

During warmer weather pond fish are very active and can be seen happily swimming around, but what happens when winter hits, will pond fish survive. Pond fish are cold-blooded (Poikilothermic) so their metabolism is controlled by the water and temperature that they live in. As winter takes hold and the water in your pond drops … Read more

Winter Maintenance for your Garden Pond: Tips and Advice

As the winter approaches you need to think about preparing your pond for the winter months. With autumn now coming to an end your pond will start undergoing a significant change. With temperatures dropping your fish will start to hibernate, their activity and metabolism will reduce significantly. At this time of year there is a … Read more

Siting a Pond in your Garden, what’s the best Location

Just plonking a pond in your garden and hoping for the best is not the right way to go about it. Picking the right spot for your garden pond is probably more important to get right than most other features that are planned in a garden. After doing all the hard work of actually building … Read more

Why we all need a Pond in our Garden

Throughout history water has played a huge role in gardens all over the world. The addition of water adds new dimensions and its appearance can dramatically change the look and feel of your outdoor space bringing the garden to life in a truely natural way and offering a beautiful focal point. The sound, movement, colour … Read more