Can you run a Pond with Solar Power

If you have fish or want to have fish in your pond you can’t use solar power on its own, it’s just not powerful enough to run a pond, you will need to use main electricity to power the pump that supplies your filter system. But you can use solar powered products to enhance your … Read more

Pond Foam Treatments

NT Labs Anti-Foam This foamclear anti-foam treatment from NT Labs comes in three sizes, 250ml which will treat up to 4,500 litres, 500ml which will treat up to 9,000 litres and 1000ml for ponds up to 18,000 litres. It’s an anti-foaming treatment that breaks down surface foam and improves gas exchange between air and water. … Read more

Why is there Foam in my Pond and how do I get rid of it?

Your pond was looking great, but all of a sudden it looks like somebodies poured a bottle of washing up liquid into it, the surface of your pond is is covered in white froth and bubbles and it looks unsightly, but why did it happen. There are two possibilities why you have foam in your … Read more

Does a Garden Pond need a Pump

If you are going to have more than a couple of small goldfish in your garden pond you will need a pump, but it’s not just a pump you will need to keep your fish safe, you will also need a ….. Reasons why you don’t need a pond pump Before I tell you what … Read more

What’s the Best Pond UV Clarifier for your Garden Pond

What is a UV Clarifier A UV Clarifier is used to clear green water from your pond, it’s not a filter but it works in conjunction with your filter system, you can fit it before or after your filter. It has a chamber that holds a UV (ultraviolet) lamp protected by a quartz sleeve, water … Read more

Beneficial Pond Bacteria: What you need to know

The crystal clear water in your garden pond is not down to you, it’s down to the micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria that live in your ponds filter system and in the pond water itself, but what is beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria is there to break down all the nasty stuff in you pond, like fish … Read more

How Deep does a Garden Pond need to be

We would recommend a minimum depth of 45cm (18″) for a wildlife pond or a pond with small fish like goldfish, for large fish like Koi we would recommend a minimum depth of 90cm (36″) and here’s the reason why. When you’re building a pond you need to think of how deep it’s going to … Read more

Does a Garden Pond need Water Changes?

The quick answer is no, there is no need to do regular water changes in garden ponds, however there are occasions when you might need to do a water change due to water quality. The most common reason for doing a water change is to dilute the amount of pollutants in the pond water. Evaporation … Read more

Can you put a New Pond Liner over an Old Pond Liner

Putting a brand new pond liner over an old pond liner is not something we recommend but it is possible if you follow these three simple steps. Step 1: You’re probably fitting a new liner because your old liner is leaking and not holding water anymore, so first you need to find out where and … Read more

What’s the Best Energy Efficient Eco Pond Pump for your Pond

Whether you’re choosing a replacement pump for your established pond or your very first pump for a new garden pond there’s lots of things you will need to take into consideration before paying out your hard-earned cash. It’s not only the initial layout you need to think about, you also have to consider how much … Read more