Why Fish Die in Shallow Ponds during the Summer Months

You would think your fish would be safe and cool in your pond during the summer months, but if your pond is too shallow this is far from the truth. We as humans can suffer when the weather gets hot, but there are many things we can do to cool down, pond fish have one … Read more

Are Electric Submersible Pond Pumps Safe To Use?

We have all heard that water and electricity do not mix, how dangerous it could be, but that’s exactly what you do when you submerge an electric pond pump into your pond, so how is that possible. In this article we will look at how safe it is to use a submersible pond pump and … Read more

What do you do with Pond Fish you don’t want anymore

There comes a time when you have unwanted fish in your pond, there are many reasons why, but what do you do with them. In this article we will show you the right way to to deal with unwanted fish. Firstly lets go through some scenarios where you get to the point that your are … Read more

When should you start Planting Plants in your Garden Pond

You’ve just built a new pond, but you’re not sure when to start adding plants. In this article we will be looking at the best time to plant your plants and some tips on how to do it, even if you have an established pond you might find this article helpful. The best time to … Read more

Beneficial Bacteria

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria This cold water beneficial bacteria from Aquascape has 8 pure strains of concentrated bacteria. It will reduce ammonia, nitrate and waste in your pond.  They also include vitamin B and marigold to bring out the colour of your fish. You use the pump to add the solution to your pond, … Read more

How Long does a Garden Pond take to Establish

When building a new pond you need to give it time to establish itself, this is called “cycling” it usually takes a month or so, but a pond could take years to become fully established with plants and fish. If you’re not going to have fish in your pond you don’t have to worry too … Read more

Why do Pond Fish get Stressed and what can you do about it

There are many reasons why pond fish get stressed, this can be something simple like a sudden change in the water temperature to insecurity, in this article we will look at the causes and solutions of fish stress. We all get stressed at times and it’s no different for fish, you wouldn’t think you fish … Read more

Duckweed Treatments

Blagdon Duckweed Buster This duckweed treatment from Blagdon is a natural bacteria thats starves the plant of essential nutrients. It comes in 3 sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre, 25ml treats 450 litres of pond water, a second dose of 10ml per 450 litres should be added 7 days later. The top of the bottle … Read more

What’s the Best Solar Powered Fountain for your Garden Pond

If you’re looking to add a fountain to your garden pond you have two choices, you can have a mains powered fountain or you can go for a solar powered fountain. In this article we will look at solar fountains and the best ones to buy. Solar power is a very green source of energy, … Read more

Why do Pond Fish Die?

There are many reasons why pond fish die, water quality, suffocation, pesticides, disease, starvation, stress, predators, old age and more. In this article we will go through the main possibilities of why, plus a few other facts you might be intersted in. Water Quality The first thing to look at is water quality, it’s a … Read more