How to Keep your Pond Water Clear: 9 Simple Tips

Clear pond water is not only good for your fishes health, but it’s also pleasing to the eye, who wants to look at a murky fishpond.

The problem is trying to keep the water clear, it can be a real challenge, but there are things you can do to keep your garden pond water nice and clear.

If you follow these 9 simple tips I’m sure they will help you keep your pond water clean, clear and healthy for our fish.

1. Clear away debris

It may sound simple, but if you remove plant matter that falls into your pond it is going to help keep your water clear.

The problem with debris that’s not removed is it sinks to the bottom of your pond and starts decaying.

A simple pond net will help you skim the leaves and small sticks from the water, even if you have a skimmer in your pond it’s still good practice to use a pond net to scoop out debris when you see floating on the surface.

If you have a real problem with debris you could place a net over the whole of the pond, this will catch the debris before it enters the pond.

2. Fish Population

The amount of fish you keep in your pond plays a big part in the pond waters quality, fish produce waste (poo) this waste not only effects the quality of the water but also effects your fishes health.

The waste falls to the bottom of your pond and turns to sludge, this sludge also provides food for algae.

So keep the amount of fish to a level where your filter system can cope with and if you have too many fish try to re-home them.

3. Feeding your fish

Feeding your fish is probably the highlight of the day, but overfeeding could affect the quality of your pond water, any food the fish don’t eat will sink to the bottom of your pond and decay.

Do not feed your fish more than they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes.

Choose a floating fish food and scoop up any uneaten food before it sinks to the bottom of your pond and starts decaying.

4. Pond Filter

A good filter system is essential if you have fish in your pond, a filter will remove waste helping to keep the water clear.

You need to choose the right size filter that can cope with the number of fish in your pond and the size of pond you have.

5. UV clarifier

Just as a filter is used to remove the waste from your pond water a UV clarifier is use to remove green algae that your filter isn’t able to do, removing green algae is a great way to keep your pond water clear.

Many filters come with a UV clarifiers, but you can also buy them as a standalone unit.

6. Pond Plants

You may realise how important plants are to provide oxygen for your pond, but they do have another benefit, shade, during the summer months you need to keep the water temperature down.

Planting plants around the edge of your pond can help, floating plants like water lilies are even better, if you can have about half of your pond shaded by plants this will help keep your water clear and retain dissolved oxygen.

7. Pond Pump

Just like a filter you need a good pump if you have fish in your pond.

You should choose the right size pump for the size of pond you have and the amount of fish you keep, get this right and it will defiantly help keep your water clear.

A pond pump should be kept running continuously 365 days a year and keep an eye out for low flow which could be a blockage.

8. Aeration

Good aeration in your fishpond will help to infuse water with oxygen, the more aeration you can introduce the more beneficial aerobic bacteria will grow, this bacteria will help to remove the build up of waste that you could have in your pond which in turn will help keep the water clear.

And during the summer when the temperature soars an aerator will add oxygen for your fish as your pond struggles to retain dissolved oxygen.

Aeration can come from fountains and waterfalls but the best source is from standalone air pump

9. Sludge

If your pond water is already murky check to see if the bottom of your pond is full of sludge, sludge is not good and needs to be removed.

Sludge is decaying debris from uneaten fish food, fish waste (poo) and falling debris like leaves, if left unattended it will cause a spike in the ammonia levels in your pond which is bad for your fish. 

You can use a pond net or pond vacuum to physically remove the sludge or you can buy chemical treatments, removing the sludge and keeping it away using the above methods will help keep your pond water nice and clear.