How Often should you Feed Pond Fish

Overfeeding pond fish is a common problem that many fish keepers make when feeding their fish.

It looks like your fish are always begging for food so you give them some more, this behaviour might look like your fish are hungry but more often or not they could be full.

So how do you know how often you should feed your pond fish, keep on reading to find the answer.

During the summer months when pond fish are active and their appetites are at their highest you can feed your fish one to three times a day.

This could be one large feed or two to three small feeds, but only feed them what they can eat within a few minutes.

Pond fish are very good at letting you know when they are full, when they stop eating you stop feeding, plus there is plenty of natural food in your pond for them to graze on between feeding times.

If you give your fish too much food, and they don’t eat it, the left over food will sink to the bottom of your pond and decay which is bad for your ponds water quality.

That’s feeding for the summer months, feeding during other times of the year are different so keep reading.

In the spring when your fish are waking up from their winter nap and the temperature starts to rise you can start feeding your fish with a low protein food like wheatgerm.

Again only feed your fish what they need, usually once or twice a day

Any food that is not eaten will fall to the bottom of the pond and contaminate the water so build up the amount you feed them slowly to start with until the temperature is more stable.

As the water warms up you can start feeding them a protein diet as you would for the summer, but again do not over feed them.

In the autumn you reverse what you do in the spring, feed your fish a high protein diet until the water temperature starts to drop, when it drops to 15°C/60°F you then feed them a low protein food until the temperature of the water drops even further.

During the winter months when the temperature has dropped to 10°C/50°F you stop feeding your fish altogether, even if your fish are begging for food.

This is just a general rule of thumb, you will get to know your fish and adapt to their feeding habits, but never over feed them.

Feed them small amounts at a time, if they eat it all within a few minutes give them a little bit more, when they stop eating stop feeding.

If there is any food floating around after your fish have finished eating make sure you remove it with a net.

Overtime your fish will learn when feeding time is and will be waiting for you to arrive, but don’t worry if you miss a feeding, your fish will be fine.

The same can be said if you have visitors and you want to show them your fish feeding, just throw a small amount of food into your pond, it’s not going to upset their feeding pattern.

To sum up

You can feed your pond fish 1-3 times a day during feeding season, other times of the year you will need to adjust how often you feed them and during the winter you can stop feeding your fish altogether.

Over time, you will get to know how often your fish will need feeding and how much food they will eat.