How Much does it cost to run a Garden Pond

The cost of running a garden pond depends on the type of pond you have or are going to build in the future, the running costs can start at £0.00 and go up.

The costs depend on how much electricity is used and how much your energy supplier charges for the electricity.

Wildlife pond.

Let’s start with a wildlife pond which is the cheapest pond to run, a wildlife pond doesn’t need to have running water so no pump or any electrical item is needed to run it, this keeps the running cost down to zero.

A wildlife pond consist of a pond full of water and planted with plants, there are no fish, just wildlife that comes to visit from time to time.

Ornamental pond.

Next is the ornamental garden pond, these dont have fish. If your looking for a pond that gives you all the look of a fish-pond but without the fish this is the one for you.

If you like the idea of sitting in your garden with the sound of running water the ornamental pond does just that, you can have a waterfall, fountain or both to get the desired sound.

The cost of running an ornamental pond is very low, you only need a small pump to run it and the pump only needs to be on when you want it on, maybe only a couple of hours a day, this keeps the costs very low.

Fish pond.

The fish pond is where the cost start to rise, once you introduce fish into a pond you need a lot more equipment to keep them alive which costs more to run.

Not only do you need more equipment, but they need to run full time, and when I say full time I’m talking 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The heart of a fish pond is the pump which moves the water around the pond and feeds the filter, other electrical items include air pumps, pond lights, an ultraviolet clarifier and maybe extra pumps to run water features such as fountains, each of these items costs money to run.


So how much does each item cost to run, the easiest way to calculate how much it’s going to cost to run a pond is to first find out how much your energy suppler chargers for a kWh of electricity.

Next you need to find the power consumption of each electrical item used.

Let’s say you have an item that uses 100 Watts and the price of a electric is £0.14p (UK) the way you would work out the cost goes like this.

(£0.14 x 0.100kW x 24) = £0.33 per day

You can now work out how much it costs per year (365 x £0.33 = £120.00) or monthly (£120.0 ÷ 12 = £10.00)

With this information you can now work out how much each item for your pond will cost to run, add them all together to find out how much it costs to run your garden pond.

To save a bit of money look for energy efficient ECO pond pumps, they have the same flow rate but use less electricity saving you money.


Now you might add up all the electricity and costs and think it’s expensive to run a pond, but you must look at it as a hobby and the fish as your pets.

Lets say you have 10 fish in your pond, now divide the costs of running a pond by 10 and that’s the cost of keeping each fish, now it doesn’t seem so bad does it.

Not only do you have pet fish, but also a hobby and a fantastic feature in your garden for years to come, that’s got to be worth the money.