How long do Goldfish live in a Garden Pond

Goldfish in a garden pond

In a garden pond under the right conditions, goldfish can live for 20 years or more.

Over the years goldfish have had a bad reputation for not living very long, but this is not the case, if you give your fish a well-balanced diet and a healthy pond they can live over 20 years, in fact the oldest goldfish was reported to have lived for 45 years.

In the wild goldfish live for 6-7 years, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t live longer.

Give a goldfish the right environment, and they will repay you with lots of pleasure, give them the wrong environment, and they will suffer.

Goldfish bowls are the worst environment to keep goldfish, they live in some cases just a couple of weeks, aquariums are a lot better with goldfish living around 5 years, but the best environment would be how the fish would live in the wild, a garden pond can give them this and in many cases a better environment than the wild and that’s why they can live for 20 years plus..

Goldfish can grow 10″ and bigger, so they need space to swim, a garden pond provides the space and the environment to keep the fish happy and contented.

Being outside, the garden pond has plenty of natural sunlight for the fish to enjoy, but there are other things your fish will need.

The size of pond can be to small especially if you have stocked it with lots of fish, in the world of garden ponds you can never be too big.

If you don’t already have a pond build the largest you can, if you already have a pond only stock it with the amount of fish for the size of pond.

We’ve written an article on how many fish you can have in a garden pond, you can read it here.

Keeping the water of your pond healthy is essential so a good pond pump and filter system is a must.

You can’t just add goldfish into a pond without the necessary equipment and expect them to survive, you may get away with a couple of goldfish in a large wildlife pond but that’s about it.

One last thing, common goldfish will live a lot longer in garden ponds than fancy goldfish such as lionheads and bubble eyes, fancy goldfish tend to live on average about 6-8 years and maybe a maximum of 15 years.

If you look after your goldfish there is no reason why they shouldn’t live for 20 years or more.