How Long can Pond Fish Live without being Fed

Pond fish can easily live for a couple of weeks without being fed, in fact if your pond is set up right with a well-balanced eco system they can feed off natural food in your pond, this can be algae, microscopic organisms, plants and bugs.

Pond fish also store food in their body mass which they can use to live off.

There are things you might want to consider though.

  • The temperature of the water, I go into this in a bit more detail below.
  • Your fishes feeding habits, it’s a good idea to get to know how your fish feed so you can get a better idea of how long you can leave your fish without being feed.
  • The age of your fish, if you have new baby fish you should take more care when leaving these for periods of time, older fish are a lot more sturdy and will need less care.
  • Types of fish, to be honest most pond fish can live for long periods of time without being fed but there are some that you might want to keep an eye on.

Feeding your fish while you are away

If you are heading out for a well-earned break you shouldn’t worry too much about whether your fish will survive without being fed, but if you are there are things you can do to prepare your fish for living without food for a short time.

One thing to consider is the time of year, in winter months when the water temperature in your pond is low your fish will stop eating all together so you needn’t worry at all if you go away at this time of year.

During other times of the year you will probably be feeding your fish on a regular basis, so if you are worried you can ask a neighbour or family member to pop in and feed them while you are away.

Make sure you give them firm instructions if you are asking someone to feed your fish while you are away, they might over feed your fish if they don’t know what they are doing.

You can also think about an automatic fish feeder which will give you peace of mind, just fill it with fish food and let the feeder dispense over a period of time.

Another method is slow release food, these are great for weekends or longer breaks, just choose the one that will cover the time you are away, just place them in your pond, the block will slowly release food into your pond for your fish to feed off.

Can pond fish survive without being fed

Yes they can, but that doesn’t mean that you should never feed them, you need to look after your pond fish as you would any other pet, but for the times you want to go away they will survive without being fed.