Flake Fish Food for Pond Fish

Flake fish food is very popular for feeding indoor fish but when it comes to garden ponds they do have their limits.

It’s such a light food it often gets blow away in the wind as you try to throw it in to your pond, to get around this you need sprinkle it just above the waters surface.

If you have Koi you will need handfuls of the fakes to keep them satisfied which could get very expensive.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t use flake food in a pond, they are great to use for smaller fish or as a summer treat to compliment other foods such as fish pellets and fish sticks in a large pond.

Flake food starts off as a floating food which means you can enjoy seeing your fish feeding, as the flakes take on water they will gradually sink so mid and bottom feeding fish will be able to eat it.

Another thing to consider is that flakes will dissolve a lot quicker than other pond food and as they dissolve they lose their nutrients.

Fish flake food is best suited to small and medium ponds.

Supa Value Pond Flake Fish Food

This 3 litre bucket of flake fish food from Supa has a plastic lid to reseal it keeping the flakes fresh.

Perfect for feeding in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Formulated to meet the dietary requirements of pond fish.

Use once a day in spring and autumn and morning and evening in the summer.

Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk

Tetra Pond Flakes

Tetra pond flakes comes in a resealable foil bag to keep the food fresh and to protect it from sunlight, air and humidity.

It contains a mix of 4 types of flake and offers 40% protein.

This floating and slowly sinking flake food is ideal for small pond fish.

Easy to eat and digest.

Feed up to three times a day or as much as your fish will eat in 2 minutes.

Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk

PondXpert Pond Flake

This PondXpert pond flake comes in a 800g/4 litre bag.

It contains added spirulina and vitamin C and is suitable for all types of fish.

Feed your fish 2-3 times a day when the water temperature is 10°C or above.

Feed as much as they are able to consume in a few minutes, then remove any excess floating food.

Available from pondkeeper.co.uk