Duckweed Treatments

Blagdon Duckweed Buster

This duckweed treatment from Blagdon is a natural bacteria thats starves the plant of essential nutrients.

It comes in 3 sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre, 25ml treats 450 litres of pond water, a second dose of 10ml per 450 litres should be added 7 days later.

The top of the bottle has a dosage chamber to make it simple to get the right dose.

Harmless to pond fish, wildlife, plants and your filter. 

  • 250ml treats 2,273 litres
  • 500ml treats 5,546 litres
  • 1 litre treats 9,092 litres

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EcoPond Duckweed Control

This eco-friendly duckweed control from EcoPond is a chemical-free treatment to reduce the growth of duckweed.

It comes in 2 sizes 500ml and 1 litre, as with the Blagon treatment add 25ml to 450 litres of water and retreat 7 days later with a 10ml per 450 litres of water.

Use a bucket of pond water to mix it in and pour over the pond surface.

There is a dosage measure in the top of the bottle to help you.

Safe for fish, plants, wildlife, pets and humans.

  • 500ml treat 4,500 litres
  • 1 litre treats 9,000 litres

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