Does a Garden Pond need a Pump

If you are going to have more than a couple of small goldfish in your garden pond you will need a pump, but it’s not just a pump you will need to keep your fish safe, you will also need a …..

Reasons why you don’t need a pond pump

Before I tell you what else you need in your pond if you have fish, i’m going to let you know what ponds you can have without a pump.

Ornamental or wildlife ponds are great additions to your garden, as long as you don’t have more than a couple of small fish they can work without using a pump, they might need a bit more maintenance and maybe some chemical treatments from time to time, but they can work.

They can be a great focal point to have in your garden, you can plant plants in and around your pond to give more interest and help keep the water clean, you can have raised or sunken ponds but a wildlife pond works best as a sunken pond.


Reasons why you do need a pond pump

No fish: If you want an ornamental or wildlife pond without fish but with a water feature like a waterfall, stream or fountain you will need a pump of some sorts to pump the water to the feature, you don’t have to run them all the time, you can turn them on and off as you need to.

A small pump is usually all that’s needed and if you haven’t got an electricity supply close by you can use a solar powered pump.

Having a pump in a pond with or without fish will also help stop your pond water becoming stagnant over time.

With fish: If you want to keep fish in your pond you will need a pond pump plus that other item that I said I would tell you about, a filter system.

Your filter system is the piece of equipment that keeps your pond water clean, clear and safe for your fish not the pump.

The pumps job is to supply the filter system with the dirty water from your pond, the filter then cleans that water before it goes back to your pond, it’s also a good idea to add a UV clarifier to keep algae at bay, also feed by the pump.

If you didn’t have a pump to pump all that dirty water from your pond to the filter system the filter wouldn’t be able to do its job, your pond would quickly turn dirty and nasty and your fish would suffer.

The pump and filter work together to keep your pond clean, but if you didn’t have fish you can use a pump without a filter.

The reason you need a pond/filter system is to remove debris and toxins from your pond.

The toxins that are produced from fish waste (poo), uneaten fish food and decaying debris is harmful to your fish, a build up of these toxins will make your fish sick and could kill them if not filtered out.

It’s all down to the fish in your pond, they pollute their own water with their waste making it harmful to themselves, the more fish you have the more waste will be produced, how would you like to swim in a pool full of your own poo, not very nice, thats why you need a pump and filter system.

The pump does have another function that does/doesn’t include your filter system, oxygenating the pond water, fish need a good supply of oxygen to live, your pump produces that oxygen through the movement of the water.

Your filter system has good bacteria to help clean the dirty pond water as it passes by, they also need a good supply of oxygen to live on, your pump produces and supplies oxygenated water to the filter, without it the good bacteria would die. 

So now you know why you need a pump, but did you know you need to run a pump continuously 24/7 365 days per year, unlike a pond without fish were you can run them when ever you want to.