Do Pond Pumps have Filters

The majority of pond pumps do not have filters, pumps and filters are usually sold separately.

However, if you have a small garden pond with little or no fish you can buy an all in one pond pump that does come with a filter.

Why dont pumps come with filters

You have to look at pond pumps and pond filters as two separate components, the pumps job is to circulate the pond water and the filters job is to clean the water, although they work together to keep your pond clean and free from toxins they do not come as a complete unit.

A pond pump is usually submerged into your pond, although you can have an external pump, your filter is always situated outside of your pond, they are only connected together with a hose or pipework, so it makes sense to sell them as separate components.

This is good news for the consumer because it gives you choice of which pump and filtration system is more suitable to your pond.

You can mix and match pumps and filters to get ideal set up for your pond and you’re not tied down to one manufacturer.

It’s also good when one of the components fail, which is more likely to be the pump, you can just buy the pump without having to pay the extra for a filter you dont need.

There are pond suppliers that will sell you a complete package that includes a pump and filter, but these are still separate components that they have just matched together, they are often sold cheaper than if you bought them separately which great if you need to buy both.

All-In-One pond pumps

The all-in-one pond pump is ideal if you have a small pond with a couple of goldfish or no fish at all.

The reason they are only suited to a small pond is the size of their filters.

The pump is a small unit and within it’s body sits the filters, the size of the filters are nowhere near big enough to keep a large pond full of fish clean and free from toxins.

Although it sounds like a good system having a filter and pump in one unit, it’s not suitable for large ponds, you will need a separate pond and filter system.

Having said that you can use an all-in-one pump alongside a larger pump and filter system to run a water feature such as a fountain, this gives you the option of turning of the water feature when not needed but leaving the main pump and filter running to keep the pond water clean.