What’s the Best Pressurised Pond Filter for your Garden Pond

pressurised pond filter

Choosing which pressurised pond filter you need for your garden pond is not as daunting as you think.

In this article we will look at what you need and the best pressurised pond filter to buy.

The first thing you need to work out is the actual size of the pond and how much water it contains.

Once you have that figure it makes it easier to match the filter size to the pond.

My advice is always double the size of filter that you think you will need, for example if you have a pond with 9.000 litres, go for a filter that is suitable for a 18,000 litre pond.

The reason why I suggest you go for the larger filter is because the quoted amount of water the manufacture says their filters will filter is always the maximum that they will do.

So if you had a 9,000 litre pond and bought a filter with a maximum filtration of 9,000 you will need it to run to it’s full potential at all times which it’s not going to do.

Another consideration is the fish that are kept in the pond, goldfish, orfe and shubunkins etc need less filtration than Koi which produce a lot more waste, so go for even more filtration if you are keeping Koi.

You can never over filtrate a pond but you can under filtrate a pond so go for the biggest filter system you can, this will also future proof your pond.

Another consideration is the amount of fish in your pond, if it is over stocked you are going to need even more filtration than the figures suggests.

One of the benefits of buying a pressurised filter is it allows you to place it below the water level of the pond, this means you can bury it in the ground which makes it easy to hide.

Because the water leaves the filter under pressure through a hose you can direct that hose uphill to a water feature such as waterfall or stream.

Best Pressurised Pond Filters.

We had a quick look on pondkeeper.co.uk, bradshawsdirect.co.uk and amazon.co.uk where we found a good selection of pressurised filters, below are just some of the ones we found.

We have selected a value filter a well-known filter and a value filter that can be bought with a matching pump.

If you want any more information and the latest price click on the highlighted links.

PondXpert EasyFilter.

PondXpert EasyFilter pressurised pond filter

The PondXpert EasyFilter pressurised pond filters come in a range of models, 4500, 9000, 12000, 20000 and 30000.

This is PondXpert’s entry level filters, each model number represents the maximum pond volume that they are rated for, for example the EasyFilter 9000 has a max pond vol of 9000 litres, see table below.

They all include a UVC (ultraviolet clarifier) to kill single cell algae, the main culprit for turning a pond green.

The size of UVC depends on the model, the table above shows power ratings which is the size of UVC for that model.

The filter itself doesn’t use any electricity but it does need a power supply to run the UVC.

All models come with foam for mechanical filtration and bio-media for biological filtration, with the UVC that covers all the filtration you need for your pond.

There’s an inlet that you connect your pond pump to and two outlets, one is water outlet that goes to a water feature or back into the pond, the other outlet is for cleaning the filter.

On top of the unit is a pop-up cleaning indicator that tells you when to clean the foam filters, you can use the easy clean to give the foams a quick clean or open up the unit and wash the filters in water taken from the pond.

To use the easy clean function turn to the clean position, this diverts the water outlet to the waste outlet, this has the effect of back washing the filters, attach a length of hose to the waste outlet and direct it to garden plants or into a drain or bucket.

The 4500, 9000 and 1200 have a handle that you move from work to clean, the 20000 and 30000 have a handle you push down and turn to the clean position.

When the water runs clear after about 30 seconds turn the handles back to the original position.

They all come with a 1 year guarantee and you can see their sizes in the chart above.

Other pressurised filters in the PonXpert range include the PondXpert SpinClean and the PondXpert SpinClean Auto.

This is a good value pond filter from their range of pressure filters, go to pondkeeper.co.uk to see the full range of PondXpert pressurised pond filters.

On amazon.co.uk we found some pond kits that have the easyfilter.

Oase FiltoClear.

The Oase FiltoClear pressurised filter has 6 models in their range, 3000, 6000, 12000, 16000, 20000 and 30000.

This is the top of the range pressure filter from Oase, all the models come with an integrated UVC for crystal clear water, and they come with a free bulb.

The size of bulb is shown for each model in the chart below.

As you can see from the chart below the model number is twice the amount of the actual pond size for goldfish, the amount of filtration for Koi is halved again, so the filtoclear 16000 would be suitable for 8000 litres if you have goldfish or 4000 litres if you have koi.

Inside each Oase filtocler filter there are two filter foams, blue foams for mechanical filtration, these remove the large debris and red foams for biological filtration, these house the beneficial bacteria that helps with the nitrogen cycle, along with the UVC to give a fully filtered system.

There’s a patented easy cleaning system that all the Oase filtoclear models have, when the system runs slower a pollutant indicator lets you know its time to clean. Just connect a hose to the outlet tail, turn the paddle switch and pump the handle.

Most pressure filters have a cleaning facility built in that allows the filter to be back flushed, the Oase pressure filter has a unique system that squeezes the foams by pushing the cleaning handle up and down, this removes more dirt than just back washing alone.

When the water coming from the outlet runs clear the cleaning is done.

As this is a pressure filter it can be used below the water surface of your pond and buried up to the lid, the head height is approx 2 metres so you can pump it up hill to a waterfall or water feature or you can divert it straight back into your pond.

A quality pressurised filter form a well-known and respected brand, you can see the full model range of Oase FiltoClear presuurised filters at bradshawsdirect.co.uk and amazon.co.uk

There’s also an Oase Filtoclear set that includes a matching pump, also available at bradshawsdirect.co.uk

PondKraft Pressurised Filters and Kits.

PondKraft Pressurised Filters and Kits

Another good value pressure filter for your pond with the added benefit that you can buy the filter on it’s own or buy a kit that consists of a filter with a matching pump saving you money.

There are 4 models of PondKraft pressurised filters to choose from, 4000, 8000, 12000 and 30000, see the chart below for suitable pond size.

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter Information

Please note the size of pond suggested in the chart is for goldfish, if you have Koi you can usually halve that amount due to the amount of waste Koi fish produce.

They all come with quality biological and mechanical filtration along with a UVC to give all round filtration for your garden pond.

The mechanical filtration is taken care of with different densities of foam, these will trap all the solid waste.

For biological filtration the beneficial bacteria cultivates in black plastic rings at the bottom of the PondKraft filter.

On top of the unit is a pollution indicator that lets you know when the filters need cleaning.

To clean the filter connect a hose to the dirty water outlet and turn the dial on the top of the unit to clean, this will back wash the filters, you can direct the waste water on to plants or down a drain, when the water runs clear the turn the dial back to normal flow.

As with all pressurised pond filters there is an inlet that is connected to your pond pump and two outlets, one for waste as above and one for the clean water that goes back into your pond.

The clean water outlet can direct water straight back into your pond or to a water feature such as a waterfall.

The UV lamp is easily removed for replacement which we would suggest you do every spring, the size of the UV lamp depends on the model, see chart above.

The beauty of the PondKraft filter system is that you can buy a complete kit consisting of the pressure filter and a matching pump.

The pump you get depends on the model of filter you buy, the bigger the filter the bigger the pump.

A great value filter especially when combined with a pump, you can get more information and the latest price from bradshawsdirect.co.uk

So which is the best pressurised filter to buy.

An interesting question which is hard to answer, if you are looking for value for money then the PondXpert or the PondKraft are the ones to go for, but if you want a well-known brand with a better cleaning and filtration system the Oase Filtoclear might be the one for you.

The question is down to how much money you have to spend, do you go for the largest value filter system or the smaller quality system that fits within your budget.

We always suggest you go for the largest filtration system you can.

If money is no object you could choose the top of the range Oase Filtoclear 30000, but at just under £500 that’s over three times the price of a value for money system.

I think if you are really into fish keeping and keep a good selection of Koi then its worth spending the extra money on the Oase Filoclear, if on the other hand you have a garden pond for ornamental reasons and a small selection of goldfish the value pressurised filter from PondXpert or Pondkraft is going to be fine.