Chlorine Treatments

Envii Chlorine Klear

Chlorine Klear from Envil is designed to instantly remove chlorine from tap water.

This dechlorinator is safe for fish, pets and wildlife, its also safe to use with pond filters.

It uses Vitamin C to naturally remove the harmful chloramines and chlorine which is safer to use than sulfur-based dechlorinators.

Just add 20ml per 500 litres directly in to your pond when adding tap water and repeat when required.

The 500ml bottle can treat up to 12,500 litres.

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Blagdon Fresh Start

Blagdon’s tap water fresh start removes harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals that are found in our tap water and make’s the water safe for use in fish ponds.

Safe for your fish and wildlife that live in your pond, it also adds aloe vera to protect your fishes delicate fins and gills.

When starting a new pond add the fresh start to the pond and then add the tap water, if you’re doing a partial water change or just topping up add fresh start to a bucket, mix and pour evenly over your ponds surface.

Add 25ml to every 227 litres, this is the 1000ml bottle and can treat around 9,000 litres.

Also available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

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Evolution Aqua in-line Dechlorinator

This in-line dechlorinator from Evolution Aqua connects into a hose pipe with standard hose fittings.

This simple to use out of the box product is 100% safe for your fish.

It removes chlorine and chloramine plus a host of other things.

It’s 30cm (12″) long and treats up to 225,000 litres of tap water.

It’s a sealed filter that you change as a unit, you do not refill it with a new cartridge. Keep testing the water so you know when to replace it, but it’s going to last about a year depending on how much water you use.

It’s also available in a larger size.

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