Beneficial Bacteria

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria This cold water beneficial bacteria from Aquascape has 8 pure strains of concentrated bacteria. It will reduce ammonia, nitrate and waste in your pond.  They also include vitamin B and marigold to bring out the colour of your fish. You use the pump to add the solution to your pond, … Read more

Duckweed Treatments

Blagdon Duckweed Buster This duckweed treatment from Blagdon is a natural bacteria thats starves the plant of essential nutrients. It comes in 3 sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre, 25ml treats 450 litres of pond water, a second dose of 10ml per 450 litres should be added 7 days later. The top of the bottle … Read more

Pond Foam Treatments

NT Labs Anti-Foam This foamclear anti-foam treatment from NT Labs comes in three sizes, 250ml which will treat up to 4,500 litres, 500ml which will treat up to 9,000 litres and 1000ml for ponds up to 18,000 litres. It’s an anti-foaming treatment that breaks down surface foam and improves gas exchange between air and water. … Read more

Chlorine Treatments

Envii Chlorine Klear Chlorine Klear from Envil is designed to instantly remove chlorine from tap water. This dechlorinator is safe for fish, pets and wildlife, its also safe to use with pond filters. It uses Vitamin C to naturally remove the harmful chloramines and chlorine which is safer to use than sulfur-based dechlorinators. Just add … Read more

Sludge Treatments

Blagdon Sludge Buster Sludge buster from Blagdon contains biological organisms that consume organic sludge. Every 9g sachet contains 8500 million sludge eating bacteria and you get 4 sachets in the box. Each sachet treats 2,273 litres of pond water, just tear open the sachet and pour into your pond. Harmless to fish, plants and other … Read more

Green Water Treatments

Envii Pond Klear Pond Klear from envii is a  natural pond water treatment that helps to keep ponds clear. It binds together microscopic particles that turn the water green, these then sink to the bottom of your pond where the pump can send them to your filter system to be filtered out. If you haven’t … Read more

Blanket Weed Treatments

CLEAR waters Blanket Weed CLEAR waters blanket weed treatment is a quick action biological solution for blanket weed, it’s a natural pond treatment with algaecide. This fast acting treatment gives excellent results within two weeks without turning your pond water milky. It uses monolinuron which is safe to use in garden ponds and doesn’t contain … Read more