Are Electric Submersible Pond Pumps Safe To Use?

We have all heard that water and electricity do not mix, how dangerous it could be, but that’s exactly what you do when you submerge an electric pond pump into your pond, so how is that possible. In this article we will look at how safe it is to use a submersible pond pump and … Read more

Does a Garden Pond need a Pump

If you are going to have more than a couple of small goldfish in your garden pond you will need a pump, but it’s not just a pump you will need to keep your fish safe, you will also need a ….. Reasons why you don’t need a pond pump Before I tell you what … Read more

What’s the Best Energy Efficient Eco Pond Pump for your Pond

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Can you Turn Off your Pond Pump at Night

If you have fish in your pond then no we would highly recommend you keep your pond pump on at night. On the other hand if you do not have fish in your pond you can turn of your pond pump at night. Why do you need to run a pond pump through the night … Read more

Do Pond Pumps have Filters

The majority of pond pumps do not have filters, pumps and filters are usually sold separately. However, if you have a small garden pond with little or no fish you can buy an all in one pond pump that does come with a filter. Why dont pumps come with filters You have to look at … Read more

How Long can Pond Fish Survive without a Pump

Pond fish will only live for a short time if there is no pump running in a pond. A pump has two functions, it pumps water to your filter and oxygenates the pond water. If you are thinking of building a pond for fish without a pump, dont do it, it’s not fair to put … Read more

What size Pond Pump do I need for my Garden Pond?

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What’s the Best Submersible Pond Pump for your Garden Pond

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Best Fountain Pump for your Garden Pond.

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What’s the Best All-In-One Pond Pump for Small Garden Ponds

An all-in-one pump contains a pump, filter and UVC in a single compact unit making them a good choice for a small garden pond. If you have a small pond with fish, you will more than likely need a pump and filter set up to keep the water clear and healthy, normally that would be … Read more