How Long can Pond Fish Live without being Fed

Pond fish can easily live for a couple of weeks without being fed, in fact if your pond is set up right with a well-balanced eco system they can feed off natural food in your pond, this can be algae, microscopic organisms, plants and bugs. Pond fish also store food in their body mass which … Read more

Can Pond Fish Eat Bread and is it Good for Them

Yes, pond fish can eat bread, and thats the problem, fish will eat anything you feed them, so they will happily eat bread if they are feed it, but the question you should be asking is, is bread good for pond fish. The answer to that question is no, feeding your pond fish with bread … Read more

Can you Add Fish to a Pond in the Winter

We would advise you not to add fish to your pond during the winter months if the water temperature in your pond drops below 15 degrees . That’s not to say you can’t introduce fish late in the year, some say you can add fish if the temperature is above 10 degrees but thats not … Read more

How Often should you Feed Pond Fish

Overfeeding pond fish is a common problem that many fish keepers make when feeding their fish. It looks like your fish are always begging for food so you give them some more, this behaviour might look like your fish are hungry but more often or not they could be full. So how do you know … Read more

When to Start Feeding your Pond Fish Wheatgerm

During the summer months you will be feeding your pond fish a protein rich fish diet, but as the weather starts to cool down and winter approaches you need to change their diet to a low protein wheatgerm diet. The reason why you need to feed your fish wheatgerm is because of the cold weather, … Read more

How to Prevent Pond Fish loss during Winter Months

As the cold weather draws nearer we start to worry about how our fish will survive the harsh winter months. The truth is pond fish are very hardy and usually have no problem getting through the winter, but there are things we can do to help them along. There are two things that you can … Read more

Why Fish Die in Shallow Ponds during the Summer Months

You would think your fish would be safe and cool in your pond during the summer months, but if your pond is too shallow this is far from the truth. We as humans can suffer when the weather gets hot, but there are many things we can do to cool down, pond fish have one … Read more

What do you do with Pond Fish you don’t want anymore

There comes a time when you have unwanted fish in your pond, there are many reasons why, but what do you do with them. In this article we will show you the right way to to deal with unwanted fish. Firstly lets go through some scenarios where you get to the point that your are … Read more

Why do Pond Fish get Stressed and what can you do about it

There are many reasons why pond fish get stressed, this can be something simple like a sudden change in the water temperature to insecurity, in this article we will look at the causes and solutions of fish stress. We all get stressed at times and it’s no different for fish, you wouldn’t think you fish … Read more

Why do Pond Fish Die?

There are many reasons why pond fish die, water quality, suffocation, pesticides, disease, starvation, stress, predators, old age and more. In this article we will go through the main possibilities of why, plus a few other facts you might be intersted in. Water Quality The first thing to look at is water quality, it’s a … Read more