Wheatgerm Fish Food for Pond Fish

As winter approaches you need to stop feeding your pond fish high protein fish food and start feeding them wheatgerm fish food. Wheatgerm is low in protein which is easier for your fish to digest as they become more dormant when the temperature drops. Extra Select Wheatgerm Pellets These wheatgerm pellets from extra select come … Read more

Stick Fish Food for Pond Fish

Stick fish food is a very popular food to feed your pond fish, ideal for mixed fish ponds as they are suitable for a range of different fish. When you throw the sticks into your pond they will quickly soften making them easy for your fish both small and large to consume and digest. They … Read more

Pellet Fish Food for Pond Fish

Pond fish pellets are bigger and denser than fish flakes and fish sticks, they are ideal for medium to large fish. Pellets offer your fish the healthy balanced diet they need, they often contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as being high in protein. They are available in different size pellets to suit your … Read more

Flake Fish Food for Pond Fish

Flake fish food is very popular for feeding indoor fish but when it comes to garden ponds they do have their limits. It’s such a light food it often gets blow away in the wind as you try to throw it in to your pond, to get around this you need sprinkle it just above … Read more