Can you turn off the UV Clarifier during winter?

Yes, you can turn off your UV Clarifier in the winter, in fact we would advise you to turn it off, but you can leave it on if you want to. During the winter months when the water temperature in your pond is low there is no need to keep your ultraviolet clarifier running, turning … Read more

What’s the Best Pond UV Clarifier for your Garden Pond

What is a UV Clarifier A UV Clarifier is used to clear green water from your pond, it’s not a filter but it works in conjunction with your filter system, you can fit it before or after your filter. It has a chamber that holds a UV (ultraviolet) lamp protected by a quartz sleeve, water … Read more

What size filter do I need for my garden pond

There are many things you need consider when trying to work out the size of filter you need for your garden pond, in this article we will guide you through what you need to know and how to get the right filter. Why do you need a pond filter Your pond filter and pump are … Read more

How long can pond fish live without a filter

How long pond fish survive without a filter depends on a few factors, they should be ok for a day or two without a filter, in certain conditions they could live longer. For instance, if you have a large deep pond with just a few fish, it is possible the fish would be able to … Read more

What is a UV Clarifier and how do they work

A UV Clarifier (UVC) is used in conjunction with your filter system, its main purpose is to remove single cell algae that turns your pond water green. Green pond water can be a real problem, it’s caused by single cell algae (Chlorella Vulgaris) that once they start forming in your pond will multiply and spread … Read more

How does a garden pond pressure filter work?

Are you thinking of buying pressure filter for your garden pond but would like to know how they work before you purchase one, then read on. A pressure filter is a simple set up that’s circular in shape and filled with filter media. On the top of the filter you will find three inlets/outlets, one … Read more

Pond filtration: What type of filter system do you need.

There are two main types of filter that you would use in your garden pond to keep the water clear and the fish healthy, but you will need a filtration system for those filters to work. Novice pond keepers and beginners think the filter system keeps the pond sparking clean and healthy by just removing … Read more