What is the difference between a pond pump and a pond filter

A pond pump and a pond filter are two different pieces of equipment, but they are escentual if you want to keep your garden pond clean, clear and free from harmful chemicals, especially if you intend to keep fish. The difference between the pond pump and the pond filter and how they work is one … Read more

What’s the Best Pond Vacuum to clean your Garden Pond

When it comes to garden ponds it’s quite normal for them to collect a lot of debris throughout the year, the problem with any debris that falls into a pond is it can sink to the bottom, this can cause all sorts of problems, it can block filter systems and equipment and if it’s left … Read more

Pond Vacuums: How do they work and do you need one

Just like your normal household vacuum cleaner a pond vacuum is used to remove dirt and muck, it’s just a pond vac does it in your pond rather than in your carpets. Do you need a pond vacuum? If you own a pond its essential to keep it in good condition, this will help your … Read more

What is a garden pond skimmer used for.

A garden pond skimmer is used to remove floating debris from the water surface of your fish pond. Why would you need a pond skimmer. The trouble with garden ponds is they are normally located outdoors. Being outside they have a tendency to collect debris on the water surface. There are many ways debris can … Read more