Can you run a Pond with Solar Power

If you have fish or want to have fish in your pond you can’t use solar power on its own, it’s just not powerful enough to run a pond, you will need to use main electricity to power the pump that supplies your filter system.

But you can use solar powered products to enhance your fish pond such as fountains, oxygenators, and lighting, these are easy to fit and free to run.

If you have a ornamental pond with no fish you can use solar powered products in your pond without the need of electricity.

In theory, you could build a solar power supply for your pond, but that would require a large amount of solar panels plus battery storage and an invertor to convert 12v to 240v so you can run 240v pumps.

The cost of doing this would far out way the cost of running a pond with electricity, it would take years to recover the initial cost, so until the cost and or the technology changes it’s better to use your mains supply.

Solar Fountains

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to solar power, most solar fountains are floating but you can buy submersible ones.

You can have a separate solar panel that is sited away from your pond or the solar panel is part of the fountain itself (floating only).

The size of the solar panel varies from fountain to fountain, but get the largest you can for a better display.

You’re never going to get a fantastic display as you would an electric pump, but they are simple to use and don’t need to be wired to an electricity supply.

Solar Oxygenators

These solar powered air pumps or airators are ideal for getting more air into your ponds water.

They come with a pump, one or two air stones and a solar panel, the pump is positioned on the edge of your pond and tubes from the pump with air stones on the end are placed into your pond to supply oxygen.

The solar panel is placed nearby directed at the sun, you can get a floating air pump that has an integrated solar panel for an even simpler installation.

Solar Pond Lights

If you’re looking to add some lighting to your pond there are plenty of solar lights to choose from, you can have floating, submerged or landscape lights.

They all work in the same way, they soak up all the sun in the day and when it turns to dusk they automatically turn on giving your pond a colourful display.

They can be self-contained with its own solar panel, or they can have a separate panel that you mount around your pond, usually with a spike.