Can Pond Fish Eat Bread and is it Good for Them

Yes, pond fish can eat bread, and thats the problem, fish will eat anything you feed them, so they will happily eat bread if they are feed it, but the question you should be asking is, is bread good for pond fish.

The answer to that question is no, feeding your pond fish with bread as part of their diet is not good for them and here’s the reason why.

Why bread is not good for pond fish

There are foods that you should avoid feeding your fish because they are not good for their health, bread is one of those foods.

Fish find bread hard to digest, this can lead to bloating, swelling and constipation which in turn can lead to health problems over time.

The reason why pond fish or any other fish for that matter find bread hard to digest is the ingredients that bread is made from, flour, salt, sugar, yeast, oil and water.

Mix all these ingredients together, bake them and you will have bread, but which of the ingredients are bad for fish.

The first one is the yeast, this will swell the stomach of a fish, this will give them the bloating and constipation I mentioned earlier.

Another ingredient that can be problematic for pond fish is gluten, gluten is formed when flour and water are mixed together.

Another thing to mention is fish can’t have to many carbohydrates which is present in bread.

So what happens when fish eat bread

As humans, we can easily digest yeast and gluten, but with fish it’s different, the bread doesn’t get broken down in their stomachs.

Instead, what tends to happen is the bread sits in their stomach where the yeast will continue to ferment and swell, this will cause your fishes stomach to swell.

When the stomach of your fish swells it can cause them a lot of pain, it will also slow them down, and they will find it hard to swim about.

If you have had a big meal, you feel bloated and can’t eat anything else, thats what happens to a fish after eating bread, but we can digest our food after a few hours and get back to normal and are ready for our next meal, fish on the other hand can’t digest the bread, so they feel full all the time and won’t want to eat.

If your fish stop feeding, they stop eating the right food they need to stay alive, this can cause malnourishment and your fish can end up with a big problem and even die.

Constipation caused by feeding your fish bread can in severe cases poison your fish, if they can’t pass the waste (poo) it builds up inside of your fish, over time this waste can poison your fish.

Can you feed bread to fish as a treat

Although we would recommend you dont feed your fish bread, you can feed them bread as a treat.

Bread should be fed in moderation and brown bread or whole wheat bread is a much better option than white bread.

If you don’t feed fish bread as part of their diet and you should be ok.