Beneficial Bacteria

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

This cold water beneficial bacteria from Aquascape has 8 pure strains of concentrated bacteria.

It will reduce ammonia, nitrate and waste in your pond. 

They also include vitamin B and marigold to bring out the colour of your fish.

You use the pump to add the solution to your pond, each pump treats 378 litres of pond water.

Completely safe for your fish, wildlife, pets and plants.

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Envil Filter Feed

This is a filter feed from Envil, it boosts the bacteria in your filter.

It comes in a tablet form, there are 4 tablets in the pack each one will treat 5000 litres of pond water.

The tablets dissolve in the filter as the water flows over them,

Each tablet contains billions of bacteria to combat ammonia and nitrate levels.

Safe for all fish and wildlife.

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Oase Pond Filter Starter

Oase AquaActiv BioKick Fresh Pond Filter Starter reduces the time bacteria needs to build up in your filter system.

The 50 billion microorganisms are freeze-dried, you add them to the liquid nutrient solution in the bottle.

After shaking until the solution turns yellow leave for 20 minutes, you can then add the solution to your filter, it treats up to 10,000 litres.

You need to turn of your UV clarifier before adding and leave it off for three days after treatment.

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PondWorx Pond Bacteria

This pond bacteria from PondWorx comes in this large 3.78 litre container for large ponds, but you can also use it for smaller ponds.

It uses a blend of highly specialised microorganisms to super charge the natural occurring bacteria in your pond.

It cleans the muck at the bottom of your pond, plus it clears the water and reduces odour.

Non-toxic and safe to use for fish, plants, pets, humans and plants.

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