Are Electric Submersible Pond Pumps Safe To Use?

We have all heard that water and electricity do not mix, how dangerous it could be, but that’s exactly what you do when you submerge an electric pond pump into your pond, so how is that possible.

In this article we will look at how safe it is to use a submersible pond pump and how you can improve their safety.

Understanding the electrics of submersible pond pumps

First you need to know how submersible pumps are made, especially the electrical part.

Submersible pumps are entirely encased in a sealed housing and the electrical wires and connections are usually covered with an epoxy to stop any water from getting to the electrics.

The cable that run from the pump to the power supply is also sealed at the point of where it enters the pump.

All these measures are designed to keep the dangerous electrical components isolated from your ponds water, making submersible pond pumps safe to use.

Can you or your fish get electrocuted by a submersible pond pump

It’s very unlikely that you or your fish would get electrocuted but it is possible, so you do need to take some precautions.

Fish should be ok because they are not grounded which means the current can pass through them without causing them any harm, but for us it could be different.

If you do get an electric shock from the water in your garden pond there must be something wrong with the pump or it’s wiring.

Although manufacturers take great care when it comes to safety there are some things out of their control, if a pump is mishandled and damaged it could cause problems.

You also need to consider the age of the pump, over time the seals could disintegrate and the epoxy that covers the electrical components could crack causing an electrical shortage.

There are other components such as underwater lights that could be faulty so check everything is safe before turning anything back on.

Extra precautions when using a submersible pond pump

As we have already said submersible pumps are very safe to use, but there are things you can do to improve the safety of them.

You should always connect your pump to an RCD (residual current device) this will turn off the power supply if it detects a problem.

Before you use the pump have a good look around it, check for any cracks or bad seals that could affect the safety of it, if it’s new and your not happy with its condition contact the manufacturer before you use it.

If you have an old pump thats not working get a qualified electrician to do the repair work.

When laying the power cable to the power supply make sure there are no sharp objects that could damage the cable.

If you need to take the pump out of the pond for maintenance always turn it off at the power supply and remove the plug.

Never use the power cable to remove the pump from the pond, if the pond is in a position where you can’t reach it, attach some string to it before you place it into your pond, that way you will be able to retrieve it in the future using the string.

If you take your submersible pump out of your pond and leave it out the seals could dry up and crack, the next time you use the pump, water could get in, so place the pump in a bucket of water and leave it there to stop the seals drying up.

If you’re still not happy submerging an electrical pump into your pond water you could look at external pumps that sit outside the pond.

So are submersible pumps safe to use

In a word yes, submersible pumps are very safe to use as long as you use them as they are designed to be used and connect them to an RCD you should have no problems with them.