5 Benefits of using an Air Pump to Aerate your Garden Pond.

pond air pump

Using a pond air pump or as they are sometimes called a pond aerator has many benefits when used in your garden pond.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use one.

The aeration of your garden pond is part of the four elements that you need to have a happy balanced ecosystem and crystal clear water.

Working from the bottom up a pond air pump will aerate and circulate the water using air stones that sit on the bottom of your pond which in turn increases dissolved oxygen levels.

When you increase the ponds oxygen levels your fish and plants are a lot healthier, so let’s take a look at the reasons you should aerate your garden pond.

1:  A typical water feature such as a waterfall or fountain isn’t as effective as using a proper sized air pump in your pond.

A lot of people with garden ponds rely solely on waterfalls to circulate the water in their pond, but they only circulate the top portion of your ponds water leaving many areas below the surface untouched.

This is bad when it comes to the bottom of your pond where there could be organic debris rotting away.

A good sized pond air pump works from the bottom up to make sure all the areas of your pond water is circulated and saturated with dissolved oxygen.

2: When you have higher oxygen levels in your pond it will stimulate and increase the natural aerobic bacteria which will greatly increase your filtration system.

A good filter system will lead to healthier fish, cleaner water, thriving plants and less organic debris buildup on the bottom of your pond.

3:  When winter is upon us a good pond air pump can replace the need of a pond de-icer/heater or waterfall to keep the pond freezing over.

As your fish lay dormant at the bottom of your pond during the winter months organic debris in your pond will continue to decompose and produce toxic gas.

If your pond freezes over and these toxic gasses get trapped under the ice they will start to take the place of oxygen which is bad for fish, they get sick and could die.

Although a pond de-icer will melt a hole in the ice to allow oxygen in and let these toxic gasses escape from beneath the hole they can’t release gasses from other areas of the pond.

When you use a pond air pump the constant movement of water discourages ice formation on your ponds surface while at the same time the aeration carries the toxic gasses up to the surface to be released keeping your fish nice and safe in the cold winter months.

Just remember to raise the air stones from the bottom of the pond to a shallow area, so they don’t disturb your hibernating fish.

4:  A good sized air pump can also save you money.

Pond air pumps are very energy efficient and are designed to run 24/7 so you can turn off your waterfall while you are not at home to enjoy the sounds of the water cascading of your waterfall and let the air pump do the job of aerating your pond instead.

During the winter months You can run an aerator on it’s own so you don’t have to use a pond de-icer or heater to keep your pond from freezing over saving you more money.

You can also save money by turning off your waterfall completely during the winter months if you use a pond air pump.

5:  Running an air pump throughout the year in conjunction with a good filter system will help oxygenate your pond and keep the water clear.  

Maintenance will be kept to a minimum as the water stays clear for longer meaning you can spend more time enjoying your pond than cleaning it.

Your fish will thank you as they gather around the air stones enjoying the bubbles they give off and your pond will become a well-balanced ecosystem that can only be good for your fish, your pond and your plants.